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SMF - Haven of Hope History and Summary

The SMF Haven of Hope of Newport News, Virginia, a foundation founded by Ezra and Mable Hill, will be operative in the state of Virginia. The SMF Haven of Hope is a non-profit charitable organization which was incorporated in Virginia in 1997. SMF will have tax exempt status under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. SMF means "Save My Family.

The SMF-Haven of Hope Foundation in 1996, under the leadership of Ezra and Mable Hill, set its sites on expanding its mission to Newport News, Virginia. They envisioned a mission called "Haven of Hope" for the lower part of Newport News, Virginia. The area called "The Bottom" has acquired this name for two reasons: geographically it is at the bottom of the Virginia Peninsula, and the residents of this area are at the bottom of the social-economic scale.

"' The elementary school serving this area, according to documents from the City Planning Office, has 99% minority population and 96% of the students are labeled as coming from "disadvantaged homes". The average median income from the Bottom" is $8,651.00 compared to the city"s at $25,474.00. The female-headed households in the Bottom, in some areas, are as high as 88% and 90% renter occupied. The area shows signs of years of urban blight and the curse of lawlessness. Young people make daily decisions to prostitute, turn to crack, and engage in casual sex.

The "Bottoms Up" Foundation with the commitment of Ezra and Mable Hill will seek to address the concerns of the children, young adults, families and senior citizens who currently reside in the "Bottom". "Bottoms Up" will bring hope and lift the children of the bottom out of despair through reading and technical teaching. We know that Ezra and Mable was born in the area and Mable was reared in this area. This mission will give them the opportunity to give back to this community.